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EVOX provides you easy to implement, research based, all-inclusive Events in a Box to increase your participant's knowledge about a topic in a fun and interactive way. We call them "Events in a Box" and by combining "events" and "box" is how we got our name, EVOX.

EVOX was created to provide a service of convenience for Event Organizers, an entire program or event is just one click away!

Helping to take away your frustrations

EVOX began in June 2014. We know the frustrations and how time consuming brainstorming, preparing, and communicating for your event can be, so we save you time.

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 EVOX currently sells a variety of events in a box and is continually adding more all the time. Visit our Catalog to order an event today! 


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At EVOX, we welcome your comments, questions, feedback, concerns, and praise. We have a continuous improvement model and truly want to WOW our customers and be an excellent example in our communities, which is why we value your opinions and feedback to help us grow.

We look forward to connecting with you.


Headquartered in Wisconsin, United States

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